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Yeti is turning the mountain bike world inside out with their new Switch Infinity suspension platform. With seemingly contradictory characteristics: small bump compliance, big hit plushness, pedaling perfection, and light weight, no other bike boasts such a perfect blend of attributes. A portfolio of Switch Infinity bikes encompasses everything from XC / trail, with the new SB120, core trail bikes like the SB135 and SB140, to big mountain enduro and park, with the SB165 and SB160. For e-mtb lovers, the new 160E is a must have. Want to try a Yeti? We have a capable demo fleet of rotating Yetis between our City shop and The Lodge in Fairfax - come ride a Yeti and see why we consider them the ultimate dirt bike.


Our decision to take on a new brand is not one we take lightly.  When we learned of Revel bikes, and the folks behind the brand, we knew we had to make them part of our Big Swingin' family.  Revel has a clear goal: making the absolute best full suspension mountain bikes. Revel is the only company using the mostly unheard of, yet legendary CBF suspension design. Revel use incredible carbon layup technology developed by Jason Schiers, the original founder of Enve, and obsess over all details because they love riding great bikes even more than making them.


We opened a local, independent shop to be just that - local and independent.  After admiring their bikes for many years (and our owner even having owned a Petaluma made Salsa a'la carte back in the day) we finally made a commitment to be an official Salsa Dealer in the City.  There's no denying Salsa is a builder run by riders, for riders.  Their category bending bikes, focus on fun & adventure, and desire to build bikes that others are simply not daring enough to attempt, really appeals to our sense of independence.  And of course, we're always a fan of the irreverent.


Thinking about making the switch to 29 inch wheels? Why not go with the company that is deeply committed to 29'ers? Niner didn't just stuff larger wheels on to an existing chassis. It required substantial work and testing to dial in the geometry to feel right in all situations. Design parameters from the beginning were to design a bike that didn't require a learning curve. Since all Niner does is 29ers, they had to get it right. Expectations were understandably high. The result: Niner's dedication to The Big Revolution has been critically acclaimed by some of the top cycling magazines in the world. Niner also has to be given credit for basically creating today's modern gravel bikes, starting with the alloy RLT9, and expanding their offering to include steel and carbon options. 


Like ourselves, Transition strives for perfection while maintaining a sense of irreverence. So of course, we have to carry their ripping whips.  Probably more than any other bike, Transition focuses on maximizing the "smile factor" in their designs. During "normal times" we we maintain a fleet of Transition bikes for your demo pleasure.  Due to the pandemic, we are unable to procure bikes for demo, due to unprecedented demand, however, we do our best to have a few bikes on the showroom floor for test rides.

Trans Spur.jpg

 We realize the last thing you might need in this world is an ultra-expensive titanium bicycle. We also understand if you ride with passion and look at every day spent on your bike as an investment in something you love- well, maybe it should be the first thing you really need. And if that's the case, we encourage you to check out Moots. After all, these are bikes are handmade in Colorado by people who live to ride... just like you.

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