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"I can find it for less on the internet." ...

We hear this a lot. And yes, you may find a cheaper price on an item we sell on the internet. However, many times, our prices are the same as the on line sellers, and often times even less! Before you pull the trigger on that seemingly "great deal", we'd humbly ask you consider the following reasons to keep your cycling purchases in the neighborhood.

You don't live on the internet, you live here in the Bay Area. And we're one of your neighbors here in the community. We think there is great value to the community in a legitimate storefront. In fact, if you consider the total value of what we do, you ultimately get more for your cycling dollar by shopping locally at Big Swingin' Cycles.

We provide a locally owned, clean, well stocked, well staffed, fun place to check out all things cycling. An opportunity to engage knowledgeable, professional, industry people in an interactive manner, face to face. A place to actually see, touch, feel, and try products that interest you, in person, and to get answers to your questions from people who eat, drink, and sleep bikes - people who can decipher the myriad of marketing jargon, and break it down in to plain speak and guide you to the best buying decision for your situation. Ultimately, our guidance enables customers to save money, lots of it, buy helping them select the best product(s) the first time. And, perhaps a little fatalistic, but we think our little store, and our fellow merchants in the neighborhood, are a highly attractive alternative for the community, as compared to boarded up store fronts or chain stores.

We don't want to boast, but at the same time, we feel compelled to let our customers know about the important efforts we perpetually engage in to add value both for our customers and the community:

  • We're constantly trying to do better for you - sending our staff to industry events, technical seminars, and continuing education, to make sure we are always out in front of the latest technical developments, fitting methodologies, and service techniques related to cycling.

  • The dollars you spend at our store stay here in the community, helping us provide local jobs, purchase from local suppliers, and generate sales tax dollars to support local schools, public safety, and public works here in the Bay Area.

  • We created and ran the Lion of Fairfax cyclocross race for seven years donating all of the proceeds (over $18,000 one year alone) to local schools.

  • We use / ride / test what we sell, and can provide honest, credible, information to help you make the best buying decision. We get a lot of folks coming into the store with pre conceptions about various products, formed from articles and content they've found in the cycling press (magazines, internet, etc). Problem is, many of these pre conceptions are inaccurate at best, and flat out wrong at worst. We wear our credibility on our sleeve - our shop has been around over a decade, longer than most "experts" on the internet, and our staff's experience in and around the industry tops 50+ years. We're in the trenches day in / day out and can give you the real scoop on many products, and you can actually ask us questions - directly - face to face.

  • We constantly donate merchandise and service to dozens of local non profits and charities to assist them in their important fundraising efforts. Organizations like the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, AIDS Lifecycle, Waves to Wine ride (benefiting Multiple Sclerosis), The San Francisco Tri Club, The American Cancer Association, local school fundraisers, and many, many more.

  • We helped start, and continue to sponsor high school mountain biking in San Francisco and beyond

  • We are both a meeting place and knowledge base for the best rides in the bay area.

  • We also help with a lot of simple, less glamorous things - like putting air in your tires for free, (and your kids' tires, and your jogging stroller :)


Thanks for taking the time to hear our take on "I can find it for less on the internet". And more importantly, thanks for being our customer and supporting our local business.

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